The DeguDent CAD/CAM system

The Cercon® smart ceramics system (Cercon® for short) has been developed specifically for processing pre-sintered zirconia and the dental laboratory. For 10 years now, Cercon® smart ceramics has been a hallmark of application reliability and clinical safety. Numerousb scientific studies investigating a broad range of indications have shown that Cercon® is just as safe as the gold standard of metal ceramics. Since the introduction of Cercon® in 2001, more than 5.7 million restorative units have been produced worldwide. Cercon® has a host of possible applications in your dental laboratory, allowing you to realize fixed all-ceramic restorations for a broad range of dental indications using CAD/CAM support.

Your decision in favour of Cercon® will also give you the immediate option to utilize the offerings of our network production – without having to invest in additional system components.