✔ Cercon is as safe as metal-ceramics
     Two long-term clinical studies delivered the only clinical proof
     that the results for Cercon zirconia bridges were comparable to
     those of metal-ceramic bridges, the gold standard
     (Sailer et al. 2009). 40-month survival rates were 100%.
✔ Cercon offers the broadest range of supported indications
     Clinical studies on cantilever bridges (Wolfart et al. 2009) and
     widespan Cercon bridges (Schmitter et al. 2009) have
     demonstrated high levels of safety for Cercon in different
✔ Cercon is the only zirconia with a scientifically supported
     veneering ceramic concept
     Cercon is the only zirconia material for which the systemic safety
     of ceramic veneers has been scientifically studied. Extant studies
     include in vitro and clinical research, but also naturalistic
     observations (Rinke, IADR 2010).
Source: Cercon smart ceramics, Scientific compendium Vol. IV